Persian Cat Grooming

Persian Cat care

Persian cat is high maintenance. The coat must be groomed daily with a stainless steel comb to remove mats, tangles and loose hair. Mats and tangles can be painful to a cat, and loose hair gets all over your clothes and furniture, so you can see the benefit to spending the time needed to care for the coat.
Depending on its color, a Persian can have a silky, shiny coat or one with a soft, cottonlike texture. The drawback to the soft coat is that it tangles more easily and requires additional grooming time.
In addition to daily combing, the Persian should be bathed weekly. Start this practice as soon as you get your kitten so hopefully he will come to look forward to it as a special part of spending time with you. Blow the coat dry (using the lowest heat setting to avoid burning the cat), combing as you go.
Because of his pushed-in face, the Persian’s eyes can have a tendency to tear. To prevent ugly staining, wash or wipe his face daily, particularly beneath the eyes. Trim the nails as needed, and don't forget to brush the teeth regularly with a vet-approved pet toothpaste.

Owner combing Persian Cat
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Persian Cat
Persian Cat Grooming


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